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About Us

Our Aim


British Music Association Japan aims to help cultural exchanges of both Britain and Japan in fields of art and culture. It will introduce British Music to Japanese audience to facilitate the breadth of appreciation and knowledge in Japan.

We will work as a bridge of both countries and contribute to the cultural activities within these countries.



Main Activities​

  1. Organizing concerts, seminars, workshops and Competitions to promote British Music

  2. Organizing masterclass, lessons, and consulting music school 

  3. Distribution of British-anglo information and supporting students to study abroad

  4. Organizing events related to British-anglo cultures such as exhibitions and exchanging events

  5. Interpretation and translating from English to Japanese and vice versa

  6. Education on British-anglo cultures and educating music teachers specializing in British Music

  7. Import and Export of products related to both Britain and Japan



Memberships are divided into three categories:

  1. Regular Member       Individuals and/or Corporation that supports our aims and activities

  2. Associate Member Individuals and/or Corporation that supports one of our activities

  3. ​Honorary Member Individuals who are elected for meritorious conduct, honorary title, and awarded for mark of distinction

About our Association


British Music Association Japan



Representative Director:

Ayaka Tanimoto


107-1 Tominagacho, Matsubarakudaru, Shinmachidori

Shimogyoku, Kyoto 600-8449 Japan

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